Exhibit 1 - PDF of Graphic re:
7-Dimensional eCommunications


>> Click HERE to download Exhibit 1 from the Article. It is in Landscape Orientation. It is a PDF file format.


  • A 7-D eCommunication is aPlan Communications Tool and Technique used to impact the Project Stakeholders’ 7 Dimensions of Physical Interfaces, 7 Dimensions of Intellectual Interfaces, and 7 Dimensions of Human Spirit Interfaces in order to communicate information in an effective and efficient manner.
Examples of 7-D eCommunication Tools include: eMail, eAudio, eVideo, eBook, and eWebCast (see Exhibit 4 for expanded list).
You can use these 7-D eTools with your critically important message content to impact all 21 Dimensions of Human Interfaces of your Stakeholders that are listed in the graphic, Exhibit 1.

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